Muzata LED Channel Tutorial

U Shape LED Channel Tutorial




Muzata U1SW installation tutorial

➢Fit ≤12mm wide LED strip;

➢No spotless effect;

➢Regular size;

Muzata U-shape installation guide U102

➢Fit ≤16mm wide LED strip;

➢No spotless effect,  fit waterproof light strips to realize outdoor or humid installations;

➢Extra wide and designed for Philips hue plus 2nd Generation

Muzata U-shape installation tutorial U106

➢Fit ≤12mm wide LED strip;

➢Bendable/Curved, but with a limited range of bending, up to a 6" radius circle;

➢No spotless effect;

V Shape LED Channel Tutorial


Muzata V-shape corner installation tutorial

✔ Corner installation

✔ Prolong the lifespan of LEDs

✔ Protect LED strips

✔ High brightness

✔ Various styles

Sicilione LED Channel Tutorial

USC Series


Muzata silicone LED channel series installation Guide

Silicone LED channels are the perfect substitute for traditional aluminum channels that are free to bend, waterproof, stable performance, good insulation, high density, effectively protect your light strips, and DIY according to your needs.

Muzata USC5 Installation Guide

➢For LED strip width: ≤10mm;

➢Length: 16.5FT/5M;

➢LED strip density: ≥108 LEDs/meter;