Muzata Beginner's Guide for Wood Posts

1. Overview

2. Components

Please note that these components you will need in the cable railing system

1) Posts:Used with handrail, supporting the entire wooden posts system, and providing a structurally stable environment with the cables.

2) Handrail:Used with the posts, the handrail makes it more convenient to come and go. Mainly used as safety barriers on decks, stairs, and ramps.

3) Terminals:Fixed with wire rope and install on the wood posts. They are sleek and fashionable with many design options, provide an unobstructed view, and effortlessly complement different home styles. Above all, cable railing systems are easy to install and maintain.

4) Wire rope:Connected with the cable railing terminals and the wooden posts, which forms a complete cabling railing. Our cable is very strong in tensile strength and is a suitable in-fill material for a cable railing.

5) Tool:Used for installing our products so that the system can be better completed.

3. System introduction

4. Installation

According to the code compliance, we recommend 3” cable spacing to ensure safety. We recommend the post spacing 4-6ft to meet the code compliance. And please confirm your local rule with the local office.

Measure and mark:Divide the height of the post into equal sections (3" recommended) for each run and mark with a pencil. 

 Locate hole position with drill jig CT19; Drill   1 37/64" deep with 13/32" drill bit on corner post and end post; drill through holes with 1/4" drill bit on all intermediate posts.

Put the adhesive washer into the cable and pull the cable through all intermediates posts and level protector sleeve.

 Swage with hydraulic crimper CT01.

Tightened the terminal CR73 with the socket wrench CT16 at the corner post.

Pull the cable against the end post and mark point A on the inside of the end post

Mark and cut at B, which is 1 17/64" away from right side of point A with cable cutter

Swage terminal CR73 with hydraulic crimper CT01 on the end post

Tightened the terminal CR73 with the socket wrench CT16 on the end post.

Install adhesive sleeves CR91 and level protector sleeves CR13

Follow the shown sequence to finish the other runs

The installation of section 2 is the same as section 1.

5. About Muzata

We offer custom cable railing design service for free. If you are a beginner or not sure about how to do it, please reach us. Our experts can do all the planning, designing, and budget work for you without extra charge.